Android 18 – The Calm and Quiet Women in the Dragon Ball Fighters

Android 18

The fighters in the game Dragon Ball has different qualities and skills. Both the female and male genders in the platform represent several fighting skills to meet your final target within their capacity. So, their skills in using varying weapons and the strategies will help you to win the game as a crazy gamer.

If you are a frequent player of this wonderful game, you may be familiar with the short hair women Android 18. Yes! It is not the one and only name to allies her. She has several names including Mrs Krillin, No.18 and artificial human 18. Most of the players are love to use her talents during their battles. Actually, she looks pretty. However, this women has remarkable intelligent measures to fight inside the game. So, let’s see who she is and what are the specialities of her through the next piece of writing.

How confident the Android 18?

Basic figure of No.18 is the same as the modern women in this century. She has short hair. But she always keeps it by tucking over the ear. Her clothes are lighter than most of the other figures in the same gaming interface.

The bluish purple colour short sleeved blouse along with the lighter coloured trouser enhance her beauty. The rounded hook like earrings also caused to highlight her smart look. Actually, she is confident in personality and pretty in outlook. Does this outlook is the same as to all other members of her family?

The family of Android 18

Mr Krillin is known as her husband. That is why she allies as the Mrs Krillin. Their beloving daughter is the Marron. But, she is not the same as her mother. She is moreover similar to her father. The brother of Mrs Krillin is also a member of this simple family. As he is a twin baby of the No.18’s mother, his name is the Android 17.

However, the No.18 has a unique figure when compared to all the above-mentioned members of her family. But, it seems her outlook and the dress code has changed from time to time. So, it is better to have a look at it also.

Do you know the revolution of Android 18’s dress code?

Even though the above-explained outlook is the same as to current look, the No.18 had several outfits with the revolution of the game. She once wore blue coloured denim and short skirt with dark leggings. But after a battle all those clothes ruined and she wears another one. It looks like a western style with cowboy shoes.

However, this is not the end. She has changed her clothes several times. Further, she had ornaments such as necklaces, belt and bracelet appropriately for different outfits. Now, it is clear that she is a stylish woman with an excellent personality.

The text wrapping

Mrs Krillin makes the game more powerful with her remarkable talents and fashionable figure. But, still, she is calm and quiet women with a wonderful family. So, she gives an added value to the game through the character of Android 18. At last, since both the husband and wives are martial artists in the occupation you will be able to see amazing fighting sessions with them.


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