Android Safe Mode – All the Possibilities and Uses

Android Safe Mode

You may have heard the word safe mode on some occasions. But, do you know what actually it is? Sometimes, you might see the label of this accidentally. Somehow, you might have turned it into normal mode. This is the actual situation regarding Android safe mode among most of the users. Only a small number of people know the real purpose of this mode and how to use it. However, if you know how to operate your phone with the help of this safety measure, you could be able to find answers for so many problems with your phone. Hence, we are going to explore the hidden possibilities of this inclusion to expand the trouble-free Android experience. So, once you read the fact mentioning in the next piece of the writing, you can utilize it to have great outcomes.

What actually we can do using android safe mode?

This interface allows us to analyze the functions of the phone. Especially, when you notice frequent misbehaviours, overheating or slow functions which cannot control through the regular scans conducted by using security tools, you can use this. So, what do you want to do is, first turn on this mode. Now, check whether the problem is still there or not. Finally, we can come into two conclusions by using this result.

Actually, if the problem is not there, the basic functions of the phone are good. But, if still, you face for the same problems while switching on this mode, there is a problem with core features. So, it is better to go for the reset option to return factory mode.

Or else, if you end up with the first result, it means there may be an app which causes these problems. So, check your phone again and again by uninstalling suspected apps and tools. Hence, you have to turn on and off this mode several times. Once you notice the problem has gone after uninstalling an app, you can identify that as the cause for the issue.

Two different methods to turn on android safe mode!

The first method is easy and it is ideal for phones running with the Android episode six or above. Here, first, you have to hold the power button with the deep press. Then, you will see several options including power off. Now, hold on it. Then they will ask to turn on this mode by using a popup window. So, just select “ok”. That is it.

The next one is a bit complex one. It is ideal for other Android versions under the Samsung and HTC brands. Now, switch off your phone. And, switch in again to see the brand logo. While it is displaying in the screen perform deep press and holding for volume down tab. In some point, you will see, ” safe mode” in the left-hand corner. Now, you will turn into the desired mode after releasing the volume down button.

Struggling to switch normal mode? Here is the solution!

Do not worry. It is a simple process. You only have to restart the phone as usual.

The outlook

Even though you do not have an idea on what to do in the safe mode, today onwards it is not an unfamiliar process for you. Hence, we would like to tell you to utilize this info for your betterment. We will come with awesome writing like this within the near future. So, you may check our updates frequently.

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