Android System Web View – All the Possibilities of Safe Surfing

Android System Web View

Browsing through internet pages are a common practice in this modernist era to achieve certain objectives. So, almost all the apps and web servers have included several options to ease browsing. Actually, this has become an immense help for students, social workers and professionals when needed. Among those number of options, chrome is the most popular browser within the Android community. The android system web view is a platform which functions as a partnership with this browser. Sometimes you may be a person who familiar with it. Or else, you may read about it for the first time. However, it is sure that you have enjoyed this at least once during your mobile experience. Hence, let’s explore more facts on this tech inclusion to decide whether it is important or whether it is good to uninstall. Finally, you can come into your own decision.

What is the importance of the android system web view?

When you use certain apps such as Facebook Twitter Etc, you may have click on the external links for further reference. What happens at that point? Probably, you will be able to load it without opening the main Chrome browser. It means this web view extension has worked in this situation.

So, this is a tiny episode of the main Chrome browser. That is why you could be able to surf the links with those apps. Otherwise, you have to leave the app and open the main platform in order to view or read the facts included in those external links. That is the major importance of this tool. However, certain users hate this option. This is due to the possibility of the opening of third party links with just one click. If so, is there any chances to uninstall it? Let’s explore it by using the next half of the writing.

When and how to remove android system web view?

All the Android users can remove, uninstall or disable this tool at any time if it becomes a burden for your daily surfers and app usage. However, since it is a system app, you cannot completely uninstall it. So, the best decision is to disable its functions and remove its latest updates.

However, the higher episodes of Android are utilizing this in a different way. So, you will not be able to use this method as it for the Nougat or higher edition. Basically, the developers have introduced other options instead of the android system web view for these editions.

Well, now let’s look at how to disable this option within a few seconds. Actually, it is a simple process. First of all, you just have to visit the play store on the smartphone. Next; once you proceed with installed apps through my apps tab, you will find the name of this within the first few items in the lits. So, just click the uninstall button which is situated in front of it.

The last lines

Even though the android system web view is a useful extension for certain users, it can become an annoying platform for another group. So, definitely, they can get rid of this tool by disabling its functions. But, it is better to argue with your own mind to balance the pros and cons of it prior to take that decision.


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