Best Total War Games For Android and How They Feel

Best total war games

A decade ago people used to play the game on PC as a hobby however nowadays almost same experience comes with your handy mobile devices such as Smartphone, as a result of it mobile games are more popular than  PC games because In mobile games, the same kind of experience comes to your hand with added options.Best total war game series for Android is available on Play store for instance you have to Go to Play store on your Android running device and install it. So you are on the battlefield with a sword or weapons.

Basic features of Total war games.

They are all about the war consequently, you could have the live winning spirit on these games. Firstly there are many varieties of best total war games you can play either online or offline that is to say some are free, but others have to pay. You would have the real experience of how it feels your kingdom surround by enemies. However, judging the total war games is somewhat tricky on the other hand it depends on the user’s desires and what mode are you. Some total war games feel like You are from the different galaxy for example you can consider Napoleon and Empire games on the other hand some of them feel you will feel that you are on the play to conquer the kingdom.

In addition these ranks are based on the real experiences of team of users so they may vary however The smooth running of this best total war games are depends on a series of factors such as your device performance.

Top 5 Total war games you can get on Android.

05. Empire – Definitive Edition (2009)

This is the first 3D naval combat in the war game series therefore It gives the player a whole new experience about how the nature of naval combat in the 18th century. In addition game debuted in 2009 and then the all-new Definitive edition came so it gives fantastic experience to player.

04. Warhammer 2 (2017)

It fixed almost all the critics’ complaint so giving more fantasy setting experience to its players but be aware when you purchase this one because there are many games on play store looks like the same.   

03. Napoleon: Total war – Definitive Edition (2017)

Napoleon is the more historically accurate game of the series so gives real facts about that era therefore it’s filled with gun powder warfare and bloody battles in other words it’s a classic game of the collection, in addition the definitive edition came in 2018 with more features.

02. Attila (2015)

If you are a beginner to the series that is to say it’s better to play the Total war Rome before play this one. In Attila cities can burn, religions are devastated and nomadic tribes rampaging across Anatolia moreover game creatively defines what will happens after the collapse of the Roman world however If you Losing a battle would cause to wipe out a city from the map.

01. Shogun 2 – 2011

 Game is about conquering Japan. Well- balanced graphics and samurai expansion rather than gun powder era is add beauty to the game so player brings in to a new level of experience therefore this is a gorgeous one out of all in other words The player takes to an in-depth, and excellent execution makes the game best out of all.

in conclusion if you want to get a clear idea about any of the Total war games, there are plenty of YouTube videos available so make sure to pick the right choice for you.

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