Gmail Strikethrough – How to use strike through on Gmail.

Gmail strikethrough
Gmail strikethrough option

Gmail strikethrough

Most people around the World using Gmail as their personal mail companion. Because it is easy to use, It provides user friendly interface both on PC version and Android version. In addition it is free. But users have limited capacity to edit their mail. Most of the time users not using those editing options on it. Gmail strikethrough is one of that kind editing options that could use on Gmail. Gmail Strikethrough is editing option that on formatting bar on Gmail interface that use to draw a line in middle of letters, something like this. But most people not using it. Most users only use very basic options such as bold, italic or attach. If you want to impress someone with your Gmail specialized skills. But use these options with great care. because there are certain uses of each option.

Why strike through is useful ?

It is only for formatting, as a result of formatting you can get a different new look to your mail. That can impress the received person. Now you can this function through your personal Gmail account. Other than Gmail strikethrough feature there are some other useful features are on formatting bar of the Gmail.

This is the Gmail formatting bar with new features. Undo Redo button also on this formatting bar that could easily use to compose mail.Gmail formatting bar

Other Formatting option that can use on Gmail

Easiest way to format your mail is use Microsoft Word or other word processing software and make required formatting with that word processor and finally you can Copy > Paste it on Gmail.

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