Google Assistant not working, Here’s how to fix it?

Google Assistant not working
Google Assistant

Google’s voice Assistant is a wide popular application of Android users. Because it helps in various ways as an personal assistant. You just have to ask what you need to know/do on your Android device.Even the device is on Android Safe Mode, Google assistant is work well. But what happens it is not working? You have to fix that error to use that again. In addition you can fix that error “Google Assistant not working” in no time by yourself. This guide will help you to find answer for all questions.Read this carefully and fix that.

Reasons for “Google Assistant not working”

Before going for fix “Google Assistant not working” you have check some features that should be properly work on your device.

  • Check Your Internet Connection – Google assistant won’t work without Internet connection. it will say” You are offline on your device when you are not on Internet.
  • Check your Microphone – Without help of your microphone Google Assistant is not working. Because it works only with your voice command. Check your microphone and also check it is not covered while you ask something from Assistant
  • Upgrade the app and grant the permission to app – If you are not grant the permission Go to Settings > apps > Google apps > Permissions and select the app and give permission.
  • Disable other Voice Assistants – To ensure proper us of Google Assistant. You have to disable other voice assistants (Example – Samsung’s Bixby )
  • Faulty Home button of your device – This won’t you access to Assistant.

Other ways to fix the error

There are certain conditions that may Google Assistant not working on your device. Moreover you can check below features are available on your device that should be have to run Google assistant.

Features that need to run Google Assistant

Your device should have

  • Android 6.0 (Marsh mellows) or higher version as OS.
  • Google Play services.
  • Google app 6.13 or higher version.
  • Device language should be one of the follow Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italy, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish

Some major causes for Error and method of fix Google Voice

It may not turn on Assistant

Most importantly you have to make sure to setup and turn on your Google Assistant correctly. To do that Click Google app on your Device, then Click on “More” on right lower corner of the app. Then click on Settings and select Google Assistant on the Assistant tab of the menu you will find the Assistant devices and on that switch on Access with voice match to turn on the Google voice.

It may not recognize your Voice

You have to retrain the voice. It is really simple. As above mentioned Go to Google app then select the option More. click on Voice match of Assistant tab. Then tap on Retrain voice match now you can easily retrain voice and start the Google voice.

What if all these are correct and still it doesn’t work on my device.

It is really impossible to happen. If so there may be great chance it would be a bug of your new update. This can report to Google.

Hope you would get some idea about fixing Google Assistant not working on your device. Feel free to ask related to this on comment section below. Share this article if it helpful. Keep in touch with us, We will let you know about all that related to Android on our Website.


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