How to easily repair water damaged phone – Quick fix tips.

Quick fix for water damged repair

When you use your new phone for few months means that smart device is a part of your life because of sophisticated apps, organizers, personal mails (such as Gmail, etc.), favorite Games and many more added features which link to your day to day life with your smartphone. Meanwhile, what happens if it accidentally fell on water? Water damaged phone is a nightmare for anyone who has that experience. Most importantly think about the loss of unrecoverable data of your device. However, Repair water damaged phone is getting complicated and directly connected what you have done after it gets damaged. This is about all the things you should know about “How to fix/repair water damaged phone?”

What happens when water damage?

Accidentally fell your phone on water may leak water into your phone circuit board while it is “on” may results short circuit the system and severe damage happens on your phone. On the other hand, repair water damaged phone need real care to protect the device. There are Golden rules to follow as soon as possible you find out your phone gets damaged by water. So follow them. They are

  • Do not turn on your device. As a result of turn “on” it may be permanent damage the circuit boards.
  • Do not try to plug it to a charger and charge because it will get the damage worst by connecting it to Electricity.
  • Do not press any button of the device. It will allow water goes deep inside the phone.
  • Do not use a blow dryer to repair water damaged phone. Excessive heat may damage the device.

Follow these steps to protect your phone from water damage.

Steps to fix the damage.

  • Soon after water damage Turn Off your device if it is not off.
  • Keep the phone in an upright position to support the water to run down.
  • Remove Sim cards, Micro SD cards of the device.
  • If it is not a seal type phone, you can easily remove its Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Use a paper hand serviette or paper towel to clean water on the device.
  • Rice is absorbing water more quickly, therefore bury your device in a Rice bag.
  • Without an attempt to do anything, keep your phone two days in that Rice bag. Try to Turn On it after two days.
  • If it is not turn on, you can get the help of a mobile phone technical service to repair it.
  • If your device is a seal type one, follow the method mentioned above. It will help to repair a water damaged phone.

How to minimize the risk of getting damaged by water.

  • If it is affordable try to use a water-resistant or waterproof phone. ( If the manufacturer says it is waterproof do not try to check it, because it may cause damage sometimes.)
  • Use waterproofing cover.
  • Always try to keep the phone out of reach to children.
  • Do not use your phone to capture the photos while you are in the swimming pool

There are so many standards out there to protect your device from water such as IP68 /IPX6. Read carefully about measures to know how the device protects from water. We will let you know the full details of the waterproofing technology of phones and much more. Keep in touch with our site to get updated information.


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