How to Transfer Contacts from Android to IPhone

Transfer contact from Android to iPhone
Transfer contact from Android to iPhone

Apple is the most advanced mobile system available in the world. Actually, it has significant differences when compared to Android inclusion. So, the people who used to use smartphones are eagerly waiting to arrange a part of the budget for an Apple device. Probably, they think, they can enjoy whatever they love through such a device. But, the iOSes are not supporting for most of the third-party apps. So, you have to rely on what the tech experts offered for you.

However, the options are there to convert it for a dreaming mobile. Well, it is the background of the thoughts of the general tech community. But, we are not going to compare these two major OSes through this writing. Today, our objective is to describe the ways of how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone for smartphone users who are waiting to buy an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

How to transfer contacts from android to iPhone through an app

If you are familiar with both of these systems, you may have a better idea about the differences and similarities. Actually, the iPhones are not supporting for the APK files which can download through Google Play Store. But, it is the major option for Android users. So, if we thought to have a common app for both the devices in order to transfer contact details, it is the same to search for a needle in a darker room.

But, do you know there is an option to do this through an app presenting in so called store. It is known as the “Move to iOS”. It works moreover similar to most of other sharing apps. So, it will open a WiFi network. Hence, you can connect both of these devices through a given password. If it matches, the transferring process will starts.

Finally, keep in mind, in order to follow this successfully, you have to change certain settings in the iPhone as well. But, it will not create any harmful effects for your expensive iDevice.

How to transfer contacts from android to iPhone through email

Even though we feel transferring through email is a simple measure when compared to the method we have mentioned in the above few lines, it is not so. Do not think it as sending a file through Gmail to another Gmail. Instead of that, first, you have to sync the contacts to your Gmail. You can do it by visiting the accounts option under the general settings of your smartphone.

Next, you can explore all the synced contacts into a Vcard by using the setting options in Gmail. Now, it is time to go for the importing process and installing to iDevice. The one and the only way to do this is the using iCloud. It is a unique platform for iDevices. So, after importing the Vcard through it, you may connect with your friends and family without any barriers by using your newest iPhone.

The outlook

Even though Apple and the Android are totally different mobile platforms, the developers have introduced several ways to connect these tech inclusions when needed. So, we hope now you can find answers for How to transfer contacts from android to iPhone by using this writing. We will meet you again to inform further info on this. You can keep reading us until that! Want to know how to run iOS app on your Android in Best iOS Emulator for Android.



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