The Basic Guide on Android Split Screen Mode

Android Split Screen

Do you a mobile phone user who eagerly searching for every bit of its interesting features? If so, you have come to the ideal place to gather more info. Basically, we are exploring more about Android smartphones and its inclusions for better performances. So, today we thought of discussing a feature called Android split screen. Even though you have navigated through a number of special features in the normal screen with or without using various apps, you may not have heard this. But, definitely, you may have used this mode without knowing what it is. Hence, do you ready to continue with us to read this inclusion by Android developers? I am sure, it will amaze your mobile experience. Furthermore, I would like to say, it is not an app which is authorized by Google or belongs to third-party sources. Actually, it is only a feature!

What actually android split screen is?

As the word sounds, it is splitting your screen to two parts. Do not think it as a physical breakdown. But, the screen itself will divide into two sections in this mode. So, it allows the spread visual field for a number of apps. Hence, you can analyse the opened apps within one sight.

Not only that, if you need to turn on this mode, it is necessary to keep opening at least one app. Otherwise, there is nothing to display in this mode.

How to navigate through the android split screen?

This is moreover similar to working with the recent apps screen. We all know, it is important to press the intents button in order to turn on this mode. As the same line, long pressing of the intents button will open the split screen. Sometimes is known as the dual screen as well.

So, you will see all the apps you are currently working on in the high end of your phone while all the other opened apps are displaying in the bottom level of the screen. So, you can easily find the opened apps. Further, it is easy to turn on the desired app when you needed. Hence it will save your time as well.

I am pretty sure, you may feel this as a familiar process. The problem is you did not have a sense about its norms. However, if you do not have to experience this with your phone, there is a reason for that also. Let’s discuss it by using the next lines.

Do all the Android devices are supportive of this?

Not actually, that is why a group of people do not have any experience with this. As the experts saying, this facility is available for Android users who own a device with Nougat or above. Hence, if you are using an older episode, you cannot enjoy this mode for an excellent mobile experience.

The outline

Finally, it is so lucky to have a device with this wonderful feature in order to save your time and work efficiency. But, if it is not available, wait until your current phone is saying goodbye to you and then you can move into a new device with Android split screen. So, we are ready to keep the end mark for this writing. However, we hope to meet you as soon as possible to share other important content with you.


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