The History and Features of Android 21 in Dragon Ball Fighters

Android 21

Gaming is an easily addictive hobby. So, almost all young individuals used to play mobile games as a recreational activity. Nowadays, a number of 2D and 3D games are there with different interfaces. The Dragon Ball Fighters is one of the excellent 2D game which people loves to play. Hence, we decide to meet you with awesome info about a massive character in this gaming interface. She is the Android 21. Do you eager to know more about this powerful personality? Then, you can keep reading us until the end. We hope to give details on her birth, life, skills and outlook. Hence, we hope this writing will be an interesting topic for game lovers.

Who build the Android 21 for this game?

This wonderful female fighting body is also allied as the No. 21 or Majin Android 21. Her origin was a great chapter for this playing platform. The designer of this model is the Akira Toriyama. During the first stage of her birth, she is known as a human character. But, later on, she named as an Android character with a number of relations inside the game.

She born in gaming age 774 and her death was reported in 779. Her main duties of the game are the serving as a leader for the red ribbon army.

Further, the mind-blowing appearance of this figure has given an additional personality to this model in order to catch her fans.

The eye-catching Android 21 appearance!

The shaped female figure wearing big specs make an image of a great scientist. Her long and auburn style of the hair also enhances this outlook. Like most of the female characters, she also wore a colourful mini gown with short sleeves. Since it has made up of red and blue pieces her shoes are also red and blue in colour.

However, the black coloured stockings and arm sleeves hide her brighter skin. But, it did not harm the beauty of this gaming girl. Further, she is not wearing that much jewellery and ornaments. She has only one gold ring in her left hand and circle like earrings.

Actually, she is a beautiful girl. But, her nails are painted in black colour. So, it creates a bit dangerous look!. However, this outlook has not influenced in her talents. She is a multitasking figure in the game.

The excellent skills of this female character…

As I told earlier, the No.21 is a very much powerful figure in this platform. She can make anything just after observing someone’s actions. Basically, she has excellent fighting abilities and regrowing capacity even through a single atom. These are only a few numbers of features, but actually, she is an excellent figure in the game with an array of skills.

The outlook

The Android 21 is an awesome female character we can meet in our favourite 2D game Dragon Ball fighters. The amazing outlook of this figure creates the best hosting place for all of her talents. We hope to meet you again to discuss more info on this wonderful 2D game. You can stay connected with us while enjoying your favourite playing interface! We will meet you as soon as possible.