The Installation Guide for Chrome Extensions Android

Chrome Extensions Android

Chrome is the most popular web portal among all tech lovers. So, this is one of a search engine with the highest installing rate each year. It has mobile and desktop interfaces. But, we can see a little backwards towards mobile usage of the chrome than the desktop versions. Google team is also not paying that much of an attention to popularized the chrome extension Androids. However, the tech members waiting to have a solution for this. Actually, it will improve the storage ability and finally, it will be an excellent utility store for smartphone users. So, we thought of meeting you with a lesson on simple fixing method to overcome this issue. We will discuss this in relation to two familiar search engines for Android users. Hence, you may keep reading this writing until the endpoint to collect all these secrets in the tech world.

How to install chrome extensions android using Firefox?

Firefox or the Mozilla platform is a popular tool in smartphone and tablet users. You can easily download this through the play store. After it successfully installs into your device, you can proceed with downloading that particular files as Add-ons.

First of all, you have to request a desktop view. Because it supports more options than a mobile view. Now, you must visit the tools option in order to get the plugins under Firefox add-ons. Then you can switch on it.

Since we want to get the home extension the next step should be visiting the web store of chrome. Once you find preferred Add-ons from it, you can add it to your Firefox.

Now, almost all the steps are finished. But, you will have to face a few more issues on and off. This is due to the incompatibility of both the tools.

4 steps to install chrome extensions android platform

  • Find the most preferred portal: A number of Android surfing platforms are there. You can select any of them which have good reviews and ratings. However, we will explain how to get the extension for Yandex through these steps.
  • Once you launch the Yandex in your device, the next step should be the visiting to the chrome store.
  • The third step is to find out the most vital extensions for your needs through the above-mentioned store. Then you have to press the button called “add to chrome”.
  • Well, now we came into the final step. It is the adding the downloaded chrome extensions for Yandex tool. So, once you complete this step you can enjoy all the facilities in an advanced utility store. Further, if you need any clarification on whether this method is reliable or not, the settings page will give you enough details.

The conclusion

The Google extension Android is one of the most effective utility portal available for tech lovers. However, the usage of this technology is limited to mobile devices. It is due to the unavailability of necessary facilities. So, we highlighted the two methods to successfully install this tool into smartphones and tablets. However, this is not valid for Apple OSes. We hope this will be a great guide for you. At last, we invite you to read us frequently to collect the hidden but awesome facts in the tech community. As an example we not knowing more about Gmail strikethrough and formatting even if we use Gmail frequently


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