What’s new on Avast for Android 2019

Avast for Android

Avast is a well-known security tool for Androids and desktop devices. It has a number of awesome features to offer an outstanding surfing experience. So, Google data revealed its total download over the period is more than handed billions. It provides the best pieces of evidence to trust this application. In other hands, when you explore through the play store, you will find billions of ratings. Majority of them are positive ones. However, we can find a few negative reviews on and off due to network issues and satisfactory issues. But, it is not more than one present from the total value. Hence, definitely, if you decide to secure your mobile with Avast for Android, you do not need to worry about the security of it at any cost. So, let’s look at the current version and the basics to new features of this tool through the next few lines.

The basic offerings of Avast for Android

The current episode of it is 6.19.0. It was released recently on April 2019. So, now you can update the older ones to have the newly added facilities. Mainly, the developers have added a few fixes for bugs and increased the stability of the app.

However, they have included a number of other effects from the sixth of December 2011 to the present. Here are the best three effects of Avast mobile security.

  • It is a completely awesome virus cleaner

The tool will carry out regular scanning to avoid malware attacks on your mobile device. So, it ultimately ensures the safety of system files and all other storage items.

  • An effective junk cleaner

We all know the importance of free spaces to maintain the fastest mobile experience. However, when the junks and cached are collected inside the stores, those will badly affect the real performances. But, the Avast will activate quicker in this case to remove all these unwanted files.

  • A specific wallet to store the media files

This awesome security platform will offer a number of options to store your media files secure and safer. Especially, it will protect the photos and videos which you have selected for the wallet. You can include a pin or pattern as the choice of security option.

Do I want to pay or root before getting avast for android?

You may wonder after hearing that this much of valuable mobile tool is available for totally free of charge. But, definitely, you have to pay certain amounts to upgrade it. The upgraded episodes are loaded with a number of features than the free ones. So, it will give you a variety of security options. Actually, the cost is not that much expensive too.

Even though you are going to upgrade it, you do not want to root your mobile in order to get it. So, there is no risk for system files.

The outlook

The Avast for Android is an excellent tool for both mobile and tablet devices. In addition to that the desktop version of it also a popular one. The smaller size and the easy installation along with awesome offerings has influenced its popularity. Let’s meet once again with a detailed post on the important fact in the tech world. We invite you to read us until that. We will always offer the real and valuable info for your reference.