WiFi Calling Android Features and Possibilities 2019

Wi-Fi Calling Android

Do you often face difficulties in signal strength while connecting with friends and family members through over the phone call? So, now you have an option to use instead of these annoying method. It is known as the Wi-Fi calling Android. Even though today we are going to discuss especially on Androids, it is available for most of other operating systems as well. But, since Android is commonly used systems, it is really necessary to open a discussion about the possibilities of using Wi-Fi servers as a voice calling option. Here, you will be eager to know the ways of enabling this service and the billing data. So, let’s move into our discussion to find out the possible answers for these matters.

Easy enabling WiFi calling Android

Probably, most of the individuals do not have a better understanding of what this is. Even though they know about this concept, the lack of knowledge of enabling methods will be a barrier for them. Actually, it is not a complex task.

First of all, tap on the settings option of your phone. Now, you will direct into a result page. Then select the options called wireless and network settings. Then, you must enter into more network settings. You will see the Wi-Fi calling tab in it. You just have to drag it to right in order to activate it.

Finally, it is better to set this option as a preferred service. So, you can do it by visiting the option named as connection preference. There may be three choices. So, read them carefully and review whether you want to provide the preference for Wi-Fi calling or cellular calling. Next, you can activate the option as your desire.

Well, now you have all the possibilities to enjoy this facility. But, still, you may be thinking about the cost. Actually, we all willing to have quality but low-cost services. So, let’s look at the billing details of this service.

How about the rates and charges for WiFi calling Android

The cost and rates are moreover similar to all other over the phone calling options. Hence, your bill will consist of regular calling charges, messaging rates and other value-added services when activated.  

How to check whether you have WiFi calling facility or not?

Even though we have discussed all these facts in relation to a person who has an Android device with Wi-Fi calling facility, some of the beginners will struggle to find out whether their device is supporting for this service or not. So, it is simple. You just have to follow the way I described in the methods of enabling this service. If the Wi-Fi calling option is visible in your setting. You have a chance to enjoy that facility.

The wrapped lines

The Wi-Fi calling is also a general methodology to connect with each other. So, this is the same as the cellular audio calls. But, you have to have a supportive Android device and a Wi-Fi connection. Since the charges are the same as to the general calling facilities, it is good to use this method when there are problems in cellular signal strength. We will meet you again to discuss additional details on this. So, we invite you to read our upcoming writings.


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